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Snake and Reptile Handling Equipment Videos

Welcome to the Snake Professional video archive. Here you can see a range of our reptile handling and protection products being used by reptile experts including the Venom Defender snake gloves.

Vipers with Martin Ertner
Reptiles of Croatia (herping on Krk and Cres island 2018)
Dr Bryan Grieg Fry on Brazil's deadly Snake Island (featuring our gloves)
Catching a Spitting Cobra with the help of our gloves
Siouxsie & Simon using our Venom Defender Gloves in their Nat Geo Snake City program
Testing Venom Defender gloves

Venom Defender Gloves - used at London Zoo

Ian Stephen talks about how the Venom Defender Gloves are used at London Zoo. In this video he feeds one of the Vipers at the Zoo

Ian Stephen demonstrates the Venom Defender Gloves by feeding one of the monitor lizards at London Zoo.

Ian Stephen demonstrates how the Venom Defender Gloves offer protection from the bites of some of the Beaded Lizards at London Zoo.
Ian Stephen demonstrates tubing a Green Mamba using Venom Defender gloves as extra safety.
Karsten Wöllner @ Filaretic (Germany) tests the Venom Defender Snake Gloves on using a 5.8m (17 feet) Reticulated Python.
Venom Defender Gloves Tested on the Giant Lobsters at Sea Life.
Venom Defender Gloves and 52” Collapsible Gentle Giant Snake Tongs used at Faunia in Madrid during a training and feeding exercise with Nile Crocodiles.
Venom Defender Handling Gloves Promo Video
Rare footage of adder research in Holland
Project Chicchan using our handling equipment