Southern African Rock Python in the wild

Jul 11, 2017
by Snake Professional

We are extremely pleased to have received a nice video of Paul L LLoyd showing us a young African Rock Python in the bush.


Paul writes;


The python is Africa’s longest and largest snake, growing to a length of 4m to 6m with reports of much larger specimens further north in sub-Saharan Africa.


Of the ±26 species of pythons across the globe, this one is known for being more aggressive than the others.


It’s a reclusive snake, occurring across most of Zambia but not very common in higher populated areas as many have been killed off due to superstition and the misguided belief that body parts have magical or medicinal powers.


As a result of this, it is classified by law in most African countries as a “Government Trophy”, meaning that it is highly protected and offenders are liable to heavy fines or jail time.


This species reaches sexual maturity at about 10 years but many are killed before this stage of life.


For this reason python numbers have declined significantly across Africa over the last 4 decades.



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