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Rattlesnakes.. A sneak preview of the new documentary by the Living Zoology film studio

Aug 5, 2019
by Snake Professional

We are delighted to share with you a sneak preview of the new documentary by Matej Dolinay and Zuzana Dolinay.

Matej Dolinay writes..

Only the toughest creatures can survive in the deserts of Southwestern North America. This is the land of rattlesnakes.

Highly adaptable venomous reptiles live in every corner of the desert, which produce one of the most famous sounds in nature. For millions of years, the rattlesnakes shared the vast and harsh ecosystem only with other animals.

Humans are new inhabitants of this place and they quickly became the biggest threat for these snakes. Long-Term research can reveal if rattlesnakes are able to coexist with people in peace.

Witness the beauty of rattlesnakes and learn how crucial they are for the desert in a new documentary from Living Zoology film studio (Matej Dolinay and Zuzana Dolinay).

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