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Telescopic Titanium Hook

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We have spend 6 years working on this new style Telescopic Hook. 
It is a revolutionary hook as it has features non other has had in the past!

Thanks to a new concept it does NOT turn!
And it is SUPER strong! (watch the video to see a demonstration)

The 3 piece tubing is a thick wall Anodized Aluminum tubing.
The hook part is Titanium metal 1/4″ thick.

It has a hard rubber Knobby knots Grip to stop slippage when hands are wet.

Closed it is 21″ / 52,5cm
Half Opened it is 33″ / 82,5cm
Fully opened it is 44″ / 110cm
The Hook width is 2,5" / 6,5cm

See below a video which demonstrates the amazing features of this product.

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