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Amazing rescue action with the help of our Venom Defender Gloves


Handling a 9ft Crocodile Monitor with Venom Defender Gloves

Dougie Smith


Paul Lloyd

Taking care of my BIG BLACK DRAGONS!

Tyler Nolan

Brazil's deadly Snake Island

Professor Bryan Grieg Fry

Rare footage of adder research in Holland (Venom Defender Gloves)

Adder researchers Harold van der Ploeg and Rolf van Leeningen

Tubing a Green Mamba with Restraining Tubes and Venom Defender Gloves

Dr Ian Stephen at London Zoo

Training Nile Crocodiles using Venom Defender Gloves and Gentle Giant Snake Tongs

Zoo Faunia Madrid

Venom Defender Gloves used to safely handle a Philippine Water Monitor Lizard

Dr Ian Stephen at London Zoo

Vipers (Venom Defender Gloves)

Matej Dolinay & Martin Ertner

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