Huge Gaboon Viper in the bush

May 12, 2017
by Snake Professional

We are delighted as we received video footage of renowned herpetologist Paul L Lloyd encountering a hefty Gaboon Viper in the wild. He has also presented us with an informative insight into this majestic creature. Enjoy this article!

Using our Snake Restraining Tube to conduct an X-RAY on a Green Anaconda

Apr 3, 2017
by Snake Professional

James Hennessy has once again shared with us one of the amazing moments he experiences in his animal kingdom.

Joost Nederlof shares his experience with venomous snakes

Mar 27, 2017
by Snake Professional

We are pleased to share this story from one of our customers:

Are you up for a 'Once in a Life Time' Expedition?

Mar 22, 2017
by Snake Professional

Well, then read on as we are excited to inform you of not one, but two opportunities to embark on an incredible adventure! Our friends at H.E.R.P. are organising Herpetological Education and Research Projects to Morocco and to India this year.

Snake Professional products on TV

Mar 6, 2017
by Snake Professional

We are delighted to find out that Chester Zoo is back on TV with a new documentary.

Handling a Boomslang and Vine Snake using our gloves

Feb 13, 2017
by Snake Professional

It’s great to see our friends Siouxsie & Simon using our Venom Defender Gloves in their Nat Geo Snake City program!

Harold van der Ploeg and Ron Krol share photos from their field trip in France

Dec 6, 2016
by Snake Professional


Two of our regular contributors of amazing photos are Harold van der Ploeg and Ron Krol. Here they show photos taken during a field trip in France.

Relocating Adders safely with Venom Defender Gloves

Dec 5, 2016
by Snake Professional

We are pleased to have received this email and awesome photo from Michael Schwartze.

10% Discount on all products this Christmas

Nov 22, 2016
by Snake Professional

As a gift from us - save 10% this Christmas!

Craig Pelke shares these photos of an Eastern Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake

Aug 6, 2016
by Snake Professional

More great photos from from a field trip in Mexico shared by Craig Pelke. This time he finds an Eastern Twin Spotted Rattlesnake. He writes...

I love these gloves, and they are perfect for my work with smaller montane rattlesnakes. I have big hands, and these gloves provide great dexterity and a level of gentleness. The snakes rarely feel compelled to even attempt a defensive strike.