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When me and Jon Coote first tested all the gloves available for Handling Venomous snakes in 2007 we found that none of them could prevent the Bite of an Asian Cobra.

Jon Discovered the Venom Defender gloves and we decided to test them at a meeting of the International Herpetological Society.

Whilst all other gloves failed we were excited to find that the Venom defender passed every test and all we could "throw at them".

It has changed the way myself,Jon and Herpetologists interacting with Venomous snakes across the world do our work!

Not only is Handling now more safe than ever before, it is also many times more pleasant for the snakes compared to hard metal hooks and Grabs.

The most Commonly asked question I get after keepers who have seen me working with the gloves is were can I get a pair from?

It gives me great pleasure to now be able to answer; contact Clem and Maureen at Snake Professional.

Luke Yeomans The King Cobra Sanctuary
"I would like to thank SNAKEPROFESSIONAL.COM for the help they give to snake owners by offering the Venom Defender Gloves.

Not only when it comes to handling venomous snakes but also the handling of large constrictors, such as Reticulated pythons and Burmese/Tiger pythons, is much safer when wearing the gloves.

Since I have the gloves my everyday work with my venomous snakes is not only much safer, but also much easier, as I am feeling more self-assured.
Whilst they are beneficial for the handler, it is also much better for the snake.

Because I now know, from my personal experience, the gloves do work even for large venomous snakes such as King Cobras.
Not one bite went through!

I can categorically state that the Venom Defender Gloves saved my life.”

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