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I bought the Venom Defender gloves in July 2013. Since now, they saved my life 2 times, once by a bite of my big Ophiophagus hannah male (>3m) and today of my new Lachesis stenophrys female. They worked really great!
Very happy with the products and service provided by SP, would recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase equipment to safely work with there animals. Thanks again!
I do investigate the adder population in the province of Belgium. Because I catch also venomous snakes abroad, I ordered the "Venom Defender Gloves" by Snake Professional. At that moment they were not in stock but I received perfect information when they should arrive from Clem!!! A perfect guy and who is sincere with his promises of delivery! I am very pleased with the service of Snake Professional and I will advice this firm to all my friends and snake investigators!
I was weary at first because I am in the USA and this company is in the UK. However, everything went better than expected. They were backlogged when i placed my order, but they still got the venom defender gloves out to me. i really like the gloves. they blow away all the other gloves i tried that claim to be snake proof. these are the most comfortable and futuristic looking.

I am very happy with the purchase. The gloves are lighter than i was expecting. Just remember that to make the gloves flexible, you do have to wash the gloves twice with fabric softener as the company tells you to do.
My names Paul Dunn and i live in Fife Scotland.

I purchased three items from Snake Professional.

I picked up the mini hook and pinner combo. This is def a hook that il use for many years to come.
It's ideal for smaller snakes , currently im using it with my Roughscaled death adder and my young Inland taipan.

I haven't had a chance to use the pinner yet as the need to has never come up. However i use this hook everytime im in my hot room and i can't fault this product.

I also picked up the large specialised hook with the wide hook on it.
I use this for my large Western diamondback.
Since it has the wide hook on it i have noticed a great improvement from using a thinner hook.
I feel it has also made lifting the snake much easier. Also i believe it's much better on the snake as with it being wide it distributes the weight better.

If you have large Gabs or Western diamondbacks or other large viper and even large Boids then this is the hook for you. I will def be buying another one of these hooks in the near future.

I also picked up the small snake restraint tube set. Yet again i haven't had the need to use these yet but it's great to have them on standby.
I have other tube sets and the Snake Professional tubes are just as good as any that ive come across.

I met both Clem and Maureen at the Hamm show and both were very friendly and willing to listen and help with any question.
If your looking for good quality snake handling equipment the i highly recommend Snake Professional. I for one will def be using them again
I am very happy that I bought the Snake Defender Gloves. I use them for a population research of the common adder, whereby the snakes need to be handled save and with good care. The adders bite regularly in the gloves, but they don't come through. I can recommend these gloves to anyone who needs to handle venomous snakes with the risk getting bitten in the hands or lower arm parts.
"I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of Snake Professionals equipment and by the consistently high standard of customer care.

In particular I have been impressed with their Venom Defender gloves, that along with their snake tubes, hooks and grabbers, allowed me and my team to safely take biometrics of venomous snakes in remote situations in Guatemala.

This was even more important when dealing with young Central American lanceheads (Bothrops asper)!
The gloves really helped to deal with these otherwise tricky and potentially dangerous snakes.

Thanks to both Clem and Maureen for providing such a valuable service and supplying Project Chicchan with some great products.

We could not do what we do so safely without you! "
The R8E 3180 Venom Defender gloves are the only gloves that I would use while handling a venomous reptile.
The Venom Defender gloves are a valuable addition to my collection of snake handling tools.
Thank you to Clem and the rest of the staff at Snake Professional who pioneered the use of this amazing piece of handling equipment.
J'ai acheté les gants antivenom à Clem & Maureen, Je travail dans un parc zoologique (reptilarium) et je suis terrariophile à titre personnel. j'utilise régulièrement les gants antivenom avec tout types de serpents, petits crocodiliens, gros varans, perroquets et même déjà utilisé avec un singe capucin et ils résistent très bien. Ces gants sont vraiment de très bonne qualité, hier un cobra des forêts (naja melanoleuca) à mordu dedans et je suis saint et sauf.. Merci Clem & Maureen ;-)

I bought the antivenom gloves from Clem & Maureen, I work in a zoo (reptile) and I am personally terrarium. I regularly use the antivenom gloves with all types of snakes, small crocodiles, large lizards, parrots and even used with a capuchin monkey and they are very resistant.

These gloves are really very good, yesterday a forest cobra (Naja melanoleuca) to bit into it and I am safe and sound .. Clem & Maureen thank you;-)
I live in Australia and ordered 2 x 40" Gentle Giants & 2 x 40" hooks. Your website was easy for me to navigate and I effortlessly found all the relevant information, photos and prices of the above products, even the payment process was easy.
Thank you for notifications regarding my order, payment and dispatch, it is great to have this kind of communication, very professional.
Thank you also for using such speedy delivery service, the products arrived at my address in Australia (very well packed) within 1 week of placing the order - great, thanks again.
Regards Gordon
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