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To me, a good investment is one that works, is predictable, protective and fruitful. After more than a year of using the venom defender gloves and 43 years of handling and working with African snakes, I have come to the conclusion that the venom defender gloves are the very best investment in snake handling equipment that I have made. In my role as the snake relocator for the company that I work for and the district where I live, I often have to crawl into small potentially dangerous spaces after deadly snakes (just yesterday I had to clamber through a thicket of banana trees to retrieve the Forest Cobra in the photos from someone’s garden). In such places it’s impossible to use a hook or a tong. One has to go in with the hands and often not able to see exactly where the snake is.

The gloves that you see in the pictures have been used almost on a daily basis for nearly 18 months. During handling and training sessions, I have received bites from the 7 of the most deadly snakes in Africa multiple times whilst wearing the gloves (Black Mamba, Gaboon Viper, Forest Cobra, Mozambique Spitting Cobra, Puff Adder, Black necked Spitting Cobra, Vine Snake), sometimes purposefully to demonstrate the safety of the gloves. In the photos you will see that they are well worn but still going strong. They are an amazing product, worth every single penny.
Clem and Maureen are extremely nice people, with a real knowledge of the kind of equipment needed to safely work with venomous reptiles. I am impressed with the quality and pricing of all my equipment and have used it on a variety of snake genera and species.
I bought this gloves in Hamm in spring 2011. They are very good in handling of my Boa constrictor constrictor and Morelia pythons and other snakes. Thanks clem!
I have used inferior products in the past but they did not last. Snake Professional endorses and markets the highest quality products found anywhere in the world. i.e. Venom Defender gloves, Gentle Giant tongs. I have been using them for some months now and have never been more satisfied. Over and above this, Clem and Maureen capture the true essence of “customer service”; they are prompt, caring and professional. I will not be going anywhere else to purchase my snake handling equipment.

Kind Regards,
Paul L. Lloyd
I have received the gloves and they look great! I have tried them with my Anaconda and since she is a bit nippy she tried to bite and the teeth just slided right off! I very much like the product so far! Thanks again!
I am the official snake remover for a large mining concern and most of the year, on average, I get 2 callouts a day to remove snakes from various houses, offices, warehouses, sumps, play and leisure areas. Think of the most venomous snakes in Africa and I work with them. I've just received a short Gentle Giant tongs and a pair of Venom Defender Gloves. Haven't had the opportunity to use them yet but will within the next week. I am extremely impressed with the quality of these products; robust, sturdy and well manufactured. Well worth paying for. Last but not least Clem's customer service is like a dream. Thank you Clem.
I chose the cheapest tong and wasnt expecting much! But it really was a solid product given the price!! Good customer support and fast delivery too! (Sweden) I can recomment the tongs and tweezers and would be happy to order from SP again!

Have only been using R8E3180 Venom Defender gloves for four months. I had been looking for an alternate to using tongs on our snakes in the Pilbara in the Nth West Australia. We have some of the most venomous snakes in the world and I am finding these gloves to be excellent especially for small snakes in tight spots.
I have been handling our snakes for over 10 years and have removed and released some badly mannered snakes. Thank you so much for the person who came up with this brilliant tool, and Thanks Clem. Jim & Dot Salmon
I've been dealing with Snake Professional for a number of years now and have most recently acquired some of the heavier duty hooks for use with some of our larger snakes like our Gaboon Vipers, Reticulated Pythons and Anacondas.

The hooks are well up to the task and with two handle lengths available, they're suitable for the likes of either shorter heavey bodied vipers and blood pythons or longer pythons and large cobras. The shaft of these hooks is stronger than would ever be needed, and the handlers arm will definitely give long before the shaft will. The hook section is open enough to fit around any snake that it is possible to lift with a hook and the flat construction of the hook spreads the snakes weight nicely, making the animal happier to sit on the hook.

And as always, the guys at Snake Professional are a pleasure to deal with, and more than happy to deal with any after sales service. I look forward to many more years of doing business with them!

James Hennessy
Zoo Director
Reptile Village Zoo
Handle the Big 4 with the Venom Defender Gloves is now standard , because safety first for man and snake !
We think the best equipment to handle safe and quiet nervous snakes .

The Gloves are one of the best product since the last years .

With Maureen and Clem is the snakeworld so savety , thanks a lot.

Filaretic - Zweigstelle , Steffen Wiegandt
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