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I study snake behaviour and frequently use intregrative approach to snake biology. I am interested in behavioural and chemical ecology of snakes, snake and reptile cognition in general. We probably have the largest permanent academic living snake colony in Europe.

I must say that I do not handle snakes very frequently. Even when I clean the cages, I use hooks, do not handle them or, if handling is required, it is restricted to absolute minimum. Of course, when I present food (dead, freshly-killed or thawed mice and rats), the gloves are always on. I have several 40 cm long forceps, 7 small ones for force-feeding of the babies and 4 very long ones. And 3 long and 2 medium hooks.

I can say all the best about your gloves. We are able to handle very hot animals without any problems. Here, one can buy some kind of quite thick gloves for doing work around high voltage electricity, but I was always quite nervous when handling, say, Bothrops with these gloves. Now, no problem/anxiety with handling.

The ultimate test for the gloves was 1.6 m Bothrops asper female. Grabbed near the head, it immediately turned and bit the glove. The amount of venom ejected was astonishing but - nothing happened. The gloves passed the test!
When I first heard about the Venom Defender gloves I, like most people I think, was a little sceptical.

“There’s no way we’ll ever be using those at the zoo” was my initial thought.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when I first saw them in use at the King Cobra Sanctuary, in the experienced hands (or on I should say) of Luke Yeomans.

Now anyone that has had the pleasure and honour of seeing Luke at work will testify to the grace and respect with which he handles his animals.

I am a firm believer that most snakes, venomous or not, handled in this manner repay the respect given to them by being a calm captive and a pleasure to handle.

What I saw with the Venom Defender gloves added a new angle to this approach.

Sure, most people could use a pair of tongs and apply such force and restraint to the animal to limit its movement, but you will have a much angrier and therefore potentially more dangerous snake in your hands.

So, after some deliberation I got in contact with Snake Professional recently and ordered a couple of pairs of gloves.

It’s been said before but Clem and Maureen are not only fantastic to deal with but REALLY nice people.

There’s not many people that treat you like an old friend the first time you meet them and it’s refreshing to meet such nice people involved with the business.

We have only used the gloves thus far with monitors and heloderms, but it’s incredible to see how the animals respond to careful handing as opposed to traditional restraint methods.

We’ll never be as hands on with our venomous snakes as Luke say, but the gloves are without doubt a very useful tool.

Along with things like tubes (which Snake Professional also supply!) they provide an extra line of defence and reduce stress and injury to all involved.

The gloves are pretty comfortable and not that stiff as i tought before...
safety is the most important thing about handling snakes!

When I saw the gloves for the first time in Houten (NL) in October 2010, I left the stand in a reflective mood.

I finally own the new handling equipment, about which I'm really pleased. Working with the hooks, tongs and especially the Venom Defender Gloves have exceeded this first impression.

The gloves improve safety while handling venomous and non-venomous reptiles and therefore the way of interacting with these specimens. I can as well highly recommend these gloves.

Manuel Ebert
Mainz, Germany

I have worked with the Venom Defender Gloves for several years in the field but also with snakes from my own collection (with the latter I just use them as an extra line of protection for my rattlers, cobra's and mamba's). We have used leather gloves before, but working with these gloves it is much safer for sure.
We use the gloves for our research on the adder (Vipera berus) in the Netherlands (for a nature developmentprogramm of Natuurmonumenten to protect our native herpetofauna, with the adder in particular). We need to collect data and have to identify every single specimen by making pictures of the headscalation (that's like a fingerprint in humans). Therefore we need to handle the snakes and using these gloves works just perfect for us! Big advantage is that we have more feeling compared with the leather gloves. So we can handle the adders very gentle. This also results in less stress for the snakes as well.

We have ordered a few new pairs of these gloves lately and the service of Snakeprofessional is very good and fast as well! Thanks Clem and Maureen.

Best regards,
Harold van der Ploeg
Private breeder/keeper and fieldresearcher from the Netherlands
I'm really inspired by the snake tong manufactured by your company.
Its really been very very helpful to me.

In fact i now feel that its really very dangerous to tackle venomous snakes without the M1 Snake Tong.

I like it very much just because its light weight and easy to carry anywhere.
Moreover the quality & look is simply superb.

I also have a snake tong from another company but after using the M1 Snake Tong of your company i must say that its just the ULTIMATE.

You have done the best job for all kinds of snake rescuers and lovers.

Faith is the force of life and such forces are experienced through the Most Reliable and Authentic Product 25" M1 Snake Tong by Snake Professional Ltd!

- Nipun Vadgama, Professional Snake Resucer, RAJKOT-Gujarat (India) [Mobile : +919824163646]
Having been involved in the development of the Venom Defender gloves for use with venomous snakes I am pleased to endorse its use as providing a significant addition of safety for handlers of these types of snakes.

I have used the gloves myself in the field both in Africa and America taking full bites from Cobras, Vipers and Rattlesnakes.

Whilst this use of the gloves is not recommended it does prove to myself that they are generally impervious to the venomous bites of a wide range of potentially dangerous snakes.

The use of these gloves is recommended by me for all institutions and organisations that employ staff to handle venomous snakes.

Yours sincerely.
John Coote, Chairman
When I first saw these gloves I was very sceptical. After looking at the way they're manufactured, I was much more convinced but worried about how dextrous they were. I tried them on and was easily able to write perfectly well with a pen. This won me over.

We now use a pair here in the zoo for Monacled Cobras, Gaboon Vipers, Western Diamondbacks and Gilas. There's no substitute for proper hooking and handling techniques but these gloves do offer another safety level. Here, we treat them as an "airbag and not a seatbelt".

We've also found them very useful for harder to handle non-venomous such as Retics and Yellow Anacondas. They're also very effective against monitor claws!

I have not, as yet, had the opportunity to try these in the field, but I feel they will only benefit our research work, making tasks such as scale counts, taking measurements and scale samples even safer.

I also can't compliment enough Snake Professional's commitment to it's customers. These are genuine reptile people offering a quality product to keepers and professionals.

James Hennessy
Reptile Village Zoo Director
I have used the gloves as an extra protection and here are some species and situations when i have used the gloves.

When de-worming baby Deathadders and baby king cobras. Moving big eastern green mambas to new enclosures, handling Anacondas,moving "big" dwarf caimans and tubing species as Saw scaled vipers,.

So far i am very pleased with the gloves and i am finding more and more situations when the gloves are useful.

When working with venomous reptiles i do NOT believe that any gloves should be used instead of hooks and tongs, but as an extra protection.

If a situation does occur these gloves can probably save your life.

I can highly recommend these gloves.

Kristian Eriksson

"My first thoughts about wearing gloves to handle were not too positive, but i said i would help out and give them a try.

I now hardly use hooks, grabs etc as I feel closer to the animals and they respond better than when using metal instruments to manouver them. Venom Defender Gloves have changed my ways of handling and also my mindset on the species i work with, you really get a better feel for the snakes needs and preferences by being able to get so hands on in complete safety.

I have also had the opportunity to work with King Cobras at the King Cobra Sanctuary with these gloves, they have opened new doors for handling techniques and given the chance to safely work in touching distance of the worlds largest venomous snake, the ultimate goal in venomous handling.

In would personally like to thank Clem and Maureen for making these gloves available to the hobbyist, and I am sure they will save someones life or limb one day, they have for myself on a couple of occassions."

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