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"I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of Snake Professionals equipment and by the consistently high standard of customer care.

In particular I have been impressed with their Venom Defender gloves, that along with their snake tubes, hooks and grabbers, allowed me and my team to safely take biometrics of venomous snakes in remote situations in Guatemala.

This was even more important when dealing with young Central American lanceheads (Bothrops asper)!
The gloves really helped to deal with these otherwise tricky and potentially dangerous snakes.

Thanks to both Clem and Maureen for providing such a valuable service and supplying Project Chicchan with some great products.

We could not do what we do so safely without you! "
The R8E 3180 Venom Defender gloves are the only gloves that I would use while handling a venomous reptile.
The Venom Defender gloves are a valuable addition to my collection of snake handling tools.
Thank you to Clem and the rest of the staff at Snake Professional who pioneered the use of this amazing piece of handling equipment.
J'ai acheté les gants antivenom à Clem & Maureen, Je travail dans un parc zoologique (reptilarium) et je suis terrariophile à titre personnel. j'utilise régulièrement les gants antivenom avec tout types de serpents, petits crocodiliens, gros varans, perroquets et même déjà utilisé avec un singe capucin et ils résistent très bien. Ces gants sont vraiment de très bonne qualité, hier un cobra des forêts (naja melanoleuca) à mordu dedans et je suis saint et sauf.. Merci Clem & Maureen ;-)

I bought the antivenom gloves from Clem & Maureen, I work in a zoo (reptile) and I am personally terrarium. I regularly use the antivenom gloves with all types of snakes, small crocodiles, large lizards, parrots and even used with a capuchin monkey and they are very resistant.

These gloves are really very good, yesterday a forest cobra (Naja melanoleuca) to bit into it and I am safe and sound .. Clem & Maureen thank you;-)
I live in Australia and ordered 2 x 40" Gentle Giants & 2 x 40" hooks. Your website was easy for me to navigate and I effortlessly found all the relevant information, photos and prices of the above products, even the payment process was easy.
Thank you for notifications regarding my order, payment and dispatch, it is great to have this kind of communication, very professional.
Thank you also for using such speedy delivery service, the products arrived at my address in Australia (very well packed) within 1 week of placing the order - great, thanks again.
Regards Gordon
Snake Professional are the only way to get R8E's now.
Without these gloves the council would not of granted the DWAL - needed to keep species I have admired since I was a little boy.
Many thanks Clem , top product.

We ordered three pairs of Venom Defender Snake guards for a TV series we are making for Discovery, Animal Planet about sloths in Costa Rica as we would be making frequent trips into the jungle.

The service was quick to receive the guards and we found they were just the thing to give us the protection and peace of mind during filming when we were concentrating on the shots and not so much on where we would always be walking.

Best wishes

Phil Stebbing Producer Director
I ordered the "Venom Defender Gloves" from Clem & Maureen. These gloves are outstanding! Like they advertise they are extremely puncture resistant without sacrificing much flexibility. I was very grateful that they were able to ship these to the US. They arrived quickly, I washed them as recommended, and began using them immediately. Now several weeks later, I'm noticing they are continuously becoming more flexible.

Between the concealing of body heat combined with the confidence of the handler while wearing these gloves, the snakes (Crotalus in my case) remain very calm which is a great bonus. I would never endorse free handling venomous snakes, but if one was "forced" to do so, these gloves would be an absolute must. I feel foolish for testing them after all of the video footage by snakeprofessional, but just so everyone knows they did pass the 4' Crotalus atrox test. Won't be testing them again, but now my heart rate is much better since I have faith in my pair.

Running a service business here in Northern California USA that includes humane rattlesnake removal, rattlesnake awareness presentations, and K9 rattlesnake aversion training, routinely exposes me to venomous snakes. I keep the gloves nearby and use them constantly-regardless of the task. They are a wonderful insurance policy for the possible day a mistake happens. Even if you use hooks/tongs, keep venomous or nonvenomous animals (especially anything "pokey" or just aggressive), you will love this product and the great service/care that the sellers provide with it.

Thanks again guys, I appreciate it so much! We'll be doing business again. God bless, and be safe! :)

-Cody Will, Will's Skillz Professional Services
I've come accross Venom Defender gloves for the first time at ZLS/London Zoo. The confidence the keepers were able to handle otherwise potentially dangerous animals and the, therefore, so much calmer and less stressed animals sold them to me.

I bought a pair to test them in our collection and yes, they feel stiff initially. But after using and washing them for a few weeks (and choosing the right size!) they do become very comfortable to wear.
The gloves allow us to train new keepers on venomous snakes with much more confidence and to handle difficult or potentially dangerous reptiles so much more easily and, mostly, without stressing them out through full constraint.
I have introduced the gloves to our mammal department as well, especially for work with otters and tamarins/marmosets.

Although I already experienced a fantastic customer service when buying our first pair of gloves it was a pleasure to recently meet Clem and Maureen in person. So many ideas, so much dedication and such good people!
I have just purchased a python hook and a pair of collapsible gentle giant tongs I must say the products are of superb quality and I used them to relocate my snakes the day I got them with excellent results. The service I got from Clem and his team was second to none and would recommend them to anyone, and I know if I want anything else I know where to go.
greetings, talk to Clem and maureen on the need of the M1 (COLLAPSIBLE) Snake Tong 40" *CONVERTED*, as in Venezuela are working with reptiles and many times we are exposed to a potential danger. a large group of people, we are dedicated to preserve and conserve our species, giving talks and showing people the reptiles. I want to say that the products they offer are of high quality, very practical and safe handling of poisonous snakes .... once again thanks! Snake Professional.... also the Venom Defender snake Gloves the latest technology and the world safer handling reptiles...
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