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Often when a keeper is tubing a venomous snake the tube is held by hand, putting the keeper at risk, or it is placed on the floor of the snake room, exposing the keeper to prolonged handling while manoeuvring the animal into the tube.

Using snake professionals tubes and tube grabber I am able to do this manoeuvring in a deep bin, completely removing the risk, and ensuring my hands are never anywhere near the snakes head.

This makes administering medication much safer.

Dan Neon Snakes
Hi Maureen at Snake Professional,

I just want to let you know, and everyone else who may be confused, what is falsely being offered as the real snake handling gloves..

I had actually bought a pair of the wrong HexArmor gloves from a US website and gotten scammed into thinking they were yours - but they're actually the R6E model.

Then of course upon doing more research and speaking with other venomous keepers I was made aware of the scam all these other places are doing. (Important to realise that they are gloves which are known for their CUT resistance!)

I have now received the correct R8E model - which has the highest level of Puncture & Needle Stick Resistance (Level 5)
Which is of course what closest resembles the bite of a snake!

And after washing those on two cycles and then let them air dry (and I massaged them in front of the TV for 1 hour, as you so kindly suggested), they are now just as flexible as a regular pair of gloves after!

Thank you for your excellent service, as I am glad that I now have the real, and only adequate, protection when handling (venomous) snakes.

Christian van Pelt
Maureen and Clem is ALWAYS very helpfull people when it comes to equipment. They always have the best gear for the reptiles, best snakehooks on the market. Very strong and light hooks. You really get what you pay for, pure quality. I can only reconmend these guys. I will keep on buying hooks from them.
I have recently gone through the DWA process and successfully gained my licence, along with various Naja species. I bought all of my handling equipment from Snake Professional and couldn't be happier.

Not only have their equipment successfully, and safely, allowed me to handle, tube, pin and treat my cobras, but the vet carrying out my inspection acknowledged the brand and the quality of the equipment.

They are also personable and provide great customer service. Whilst their delivery times are 7 days I needed a pair of tongs urgently to treat a snake and they got them to me within 2 days with a personalised message and even a gift! You rarely get this kind of customer service anymore.

Thank you for making our hobby easier and safer!

Kind regards,
Hello Maureen,

I’m sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to inform until now that we received the gloves and they are wonderful! Additionally, the collapsible snake hook is amazing. I wasn’t expecting much considering that it was a collapsible hook, but the quality and sturdiness is impressive. It will definitely come in handy.

Many thanks to you and Clem for your help getting our institutions these amazing gloves and the collapsible hook gift. Please, give Clem my regards.
I ordered protective gloves. A day after the payment, I was contacted and the product was sent on the same day. The delivery to Russia was fast, I am very satisfied and will recommend snakeprofessional to people in my country.
I brought a pair of hooks for a young nippy snake and came away with lots of helpful hints and tips. Thank you
Fantastic quality equipment, fast shipping with great communication. Thank you! I shall be shopping with you guys again for sure.
From the Philippines

I have great confidence with Venom Defender Gloves when working with wild animals.

Bought 1 pair in 2012 and 2 pairs more in 2019.

A great protection for yourself, family & friends

Regards, Noli Chan
Clem Kouijzer from Snake Professional send me some reliable equipment, transparent snake tubes and some long tweezers. After the payment was done and the Banks kept the money for some days to make profit, the shipment only took hours between the UK and Austria. Thank you Clem, you are the coolest. Just so amazing that money transfer takes longer than equipment shipment!
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