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Gentle Giant Snake Tong 40" length

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This 40" Gentle Giant Tong is a user friendly Tool ideal for picking up your snake mid-body.

- triple rubber coated top jaw creates drag on top of the snake’s body for secure holding
· lower jaw is polished which creates a smooth surface, reducing snake’s ability of forward motion
· constructed of blue top quality aluminum tubing featuring a concealed (non visible) stainless steel cable and spring

For moving a venomous snake for example from A to B, the snake will be secure (and can't escape the grip, which IS  possible with Hooks alone)

The Gentle Giant’s 2 ¼ inch wide jaws eliminate stress in many situations, allowing the animals to be handled in a more relaxed state compared to other tongs currently available in the reptile industry.

The 2 ¼ inch wide gentle grip disperses pressure over a greater surface area of the snake’s body, eliminating the possibility of direct pressure between individual ribs, and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury. A wider, more gentle jaw allows faster gripping which is a great advantage when handling or capturing species of water snakes and tree dwelling snakes which are notoriously fast and difficult to restrain, lessening the chance of injury or escape.

The Gentle Giant would be ideal to use on its own for Tropical Rattlers, Rhino-, and Gaboon Vipers etc. up to 3feet in length.

For larger snakes we suggest to use the Gentle Giant in combination with a Hook.

The Gentle Giant is also ideal for handling aggressive Constrictors.

This Gentle Giant Snake Tong measures 40" in length (101.5cm) & is made with high quality collapsible components.

Also available in 25" (63.5cm), 52" (132cm), 60" (152.5cm) and 72" (183cm) length.

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