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Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves Hexarmor R8E 3180

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Hexarmor 3180 R8

Venom Defender gloves have been widely used as an extra line of defence against: Venomous snakes & Constrictors, Lizards, Small Crocodilians, Small Stingrays, Small Sharks, Tiger & Cheetah Cubs, Otters, Bats, Cats. 

Animal Welfare a main feature of this product as when the handler feels more safe and secure, the animal becomes less stressed.

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We can supply 3 sizes

We have attached a sizing chart in case you would like to order – follow the instructions below;

Unsure What Size You Are? - Click Here To Download Our Printable Size Chart

8 = Medium, 9 = Large,  10 = XLarge

To establish the required size (Medium, Large or Extra Large), please find attached a size chart

Print off the size chart onto an A4 paper – You must print off this size chart, as the computer screen distorts the real dimensions

Check that your hand size is closer to 8 (medium), 9 (large) or 10 (Extra Large)

That will be the size for you

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Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves (Hercules™ 3180 R8E).

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are intended as an extra line of security and should not be taken as a substitute of good handling techniques. Although not guaranteed to be puncture proof Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are highly puncture resistant. Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are effectively used against puncture wounds. Trusted by many zoo and aquarium experts around the world.

Each and every person wanting to use these gloves for such dangerous activities as handling venomous snakes must do so on the understanding that they are fully responsible for their own actions. The handling of venomous snakes and other reptiles should only ever be attempted by a trained expert.

Wear & tear is not an option, especially when handling venomous snakes. When gloves are damaged we strongly recommend that these should be replaced.

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are ultimately not designed for this purpose and service life cannot be specified as this depends on application and responsibility of the user to ascertain suitability of the glove for its intended use.

3 Layers of high performance SuperFabric® brand material technology – engineered to provide the highest level of needle-, and cut protection available on the market. Protection areas include palm, fingers, back of hand, in between fingers and fore arm.

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves should be stored in dry conditions in its original package. When gloves are stored as recommended these will not suffer change in mechanical properties for up to 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are machine washable at 30c and will dry within 6 hours. Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are not waterproof.

EC TYPE-EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE (EC Directive 89/686/EEC) Number EC85738; Hypodermic Needle Puncture Resistance, which for (3180 R8E) is Level 5 (highest).

Attached please find the CE certification for the 3180 R8E.

Download CE certification


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