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Venom Defender Gloves providing protection around the world!

Snake Professional Ltd is proud to announce that Venom Defender Gloves have been sold to many companies, organizatio...

3rd Council in the UK makes Venom Defender Gloves a legal requirement when applying for a DWA

After carefully considering the important role of Venom Defender Gloves as a first line of defence when handling ven...

Snake Professional supplies MOD (Ministry of Defence) in Afghanistan

To date, when venomous snakes unwittingly entered the compounds of army bases in Afghanistan, they would encounter lo...

Mini Pinner & Hook Combo tool

Thanks to Paul Dunn from the UK for sending these photos . He is seen here using our latest ‘Mini Pinner & Hook ...

Training & Feeding Nile Crocodiles at Faunia in Madrid

Our latest news comes from Faunia in Madrid where our Venom Defender Gloves and 52” Collapsible Gentle Giant Snake T...

Adder Research and Venom Defender Snake Handling Gloves

We regularly communicate with reptile experts and it's always great to hear of the work they are doing and how our pr...

Ian Stephen demonstrates the Venom Defender Gloves at London Zoo

We're back at London Zoo where Dr Ian Stephen demonstrates some of the applications for the Venom Defender handling G...

Venom Defender Gloves at London Zoo

We often receive great feedback from snake and reptile experts around the world who use our Venom Defender Gloves - ...
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