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Wrigglies Juniors Handling Club

‘Start as you mean to go on’ (youngster gets the hang of handling snakes with Venom Defender Gloves).

This young lad’s name is Bradley woolner and he is a regular visitor to wrigglies in Dunstable.

He is very active in reptiles, particularly in venomous snakes and would dearly love to do their full venomous course. 

However as this is probably a few years off Julian Clare has been showing him a few techniques involving non-venomous/non licensed species. 

This has led to them creating wrigglies 'juniors' club where younger keepers can come and learn how to handle their pets and other animals safety whilst learning a few techniques which they can use as their hobby advances into keeping more demanding species. 

We look forward to seeing more from the Wrigglies ‘Juniors’ club, and in particular from young Bradley.

Wrigglies, keep up the good work!

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