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Venom Defender Gloves used to safely handle Dusky Pygmy Ratlesnake

We are proud to have received this lovely letter from Brian Katz. He once again finds himself in a situation where his Venom Defender Gloves offer that extra protection...

Greetings Clem and Maureen, I hope that all is well.  

I am sending you a few new photos today of a dusky pygmy rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius barbouri) that was purchased at the Hamburg Reptile Show.  

I used the Venom Defender gloves to safely handle and photograph this snake.

You can view the Hamburg Reptile Show website at  

They have a photo gallery on their site that features photos taken exclusively by me.

Brian Katz

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Disclaimer; We at Snake Professional & 1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products do NOT advise this method of handling and doing so is at the handlers own risk!

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