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Tubing a Forrest Cobra using our tube set

Tubing a Forrest Cobra using our tube set

We are pleased to have received this news from Michiel Meesters where he describes tubing a forest cobra using our tube set.

This gentleman is not just an experienced snake handler, but an incredible photographer as well!

Photo credit: Annick Jordense

Michiel writes..

Forrest cobra tubing is not for the faint of hearted. Here are 2 photos of me tubing a female Naja melanoleuca.

I got the tube set from Snake Professional. Realy amazing piece of kit.

Although I have kept venomous snakes for over 11 years, I only now bought it at the last hamm terrastyka.

No regrets since, after doing everything with my hands all those years I must say using tubes is much less stressful for the animal.

By the way; It took some practise to get used to the tubes, but when I got it right it worked so fast and stress free.

A few days ago I had the vet come over to check the collection used all tubes in a few hours on multiple species of cobras, mambas and rattlesnakes.

Gotta say perfect stuff!

Greetings, Michiel

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Disclaimer; We at Snake Professional & 1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products do NOT advise this method of handling and doing so is at the handlers own risk!


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