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Sterrin visits Bali, Indonesia and meets her first King Cobra in the wild

We are delighted to see that Sterrin has once again had one of her dreams come true. She writes...

"Seeing my first King Cobra in the wild is one of the best moments of my life.

To experience something you've literally dreamed about since being a small kid is an indescribably fulfilling feeling.

This beautiful female unfortunately made her nest on farmland and the farmer would have killed her and burned her eggs if the Bali Reptile Rescue did not come to save them.

I got the honour of capturing this magnificent animal to safely relocate her to a place not far from her territory, but away from people. We took her eggs back to the centre where they will stay until the babies hatch.

Finally, the baby King Cobras will be released back into the wild, away from any humans.

If you want to see the story of this King Cobra mommy, and many other awesome snakes please follow The Conservation Front to get notified when our documentary will come out."

Photo by Jason Savage

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