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Snake Pro Hook on Italian TV

We were pleasantly surprised to receive a wonderful video of one of our products being shown on TV.

Herpetologist Alex Paterna and his colleague represent a generation in Italy which takes conservation and education to a new level.

Alex wrote;

"Hi Clem & Maureen,

This morning at Super J we talked about endemic adders with the iconic Rino Orsatti and the micologist Bruno De Ruvo.

The guest snake is a Vipera aspis francisciredi.

It was rescued after a call from a private person who found it in his property.

The interview/lecture was about how to recognize vipers from others endemical snakes, their venom, and all the fake myths regarding it.

Everything was set up for conservation purposes and to avoid (or better reduce) the killing of snakes in our region.

We are being broadcast on Digital Terrestrial for Abruzzo (channel 634) and for Val Vibrata and Marche (channel 603). Visible also in streaming on"

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