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Snake City - Snakes On A Train

Tattooed snake-catching team Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett have had a hectic summer of catching snakes in Durban, South Africa.

Today, their first call comes in an hour before sunrise, and it’s their most unusual job yet: snake on a train!

Armed with grabsticks and flashlights, Simon and Siouxsie run alongside the train in the dark, jumping over trenches and signaling gear.

It could be anything from a harmless house snake to a spitting cobra out hunting at night or even a black mamba that’s been disturbed.

It’s a race against time. This train is leaving to pick up 200 passengers at the next station.

A venomous snake on the train could spell disaster when the passengers board.

Little do they know that the snake they’re looking for has deadly venom, which, drop for drop, is even more potent than that of the black mamba.

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