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Project Chicchan

Snake Professional is proud to have equipped Rowland Griffin of Project Chicchan and his team of volunteers with Hooks, Tongs, Restraining Tubes, Probe Sets and Venom Defender Gloves. 

The aim of Project Chicchan is to conduct herpetological research in regions of the tropics where little or no research has been carried out. The research is funded by volunteer contributions who participate on the expeditions where they receive training and experience. 

In June of this year they embarked on an expedition to the El Petén region of northern Guatemala where they were investigating the effects of agricultural edges that border the Laguna del Tigre National Park. They have kindly provided us with some footage and visuals of our products in action. 

Special thanks to Barbara Réthoré & Julien Chapuis from the non-profit organisation "Conserv-Action" for providing the video footage below.. Please take time to visit their website:

Photo Credit:  Barbara Réthoré & Julien Chapuis from Conserv-Action.

New expeditions dates: 


30th Nov – 13th Dec 2013 & 17th Dec – 30th Dec 2013 

If you are interested to join, please read the PDF below:

Project Chicchan 2013 Expedition Dates


31st May - 13th June & 1th7 June - 30th June 2014 

For further details visit: 

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