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Paul Lloyd's team capture a Forest Cobra

We would like to share a story which we received from Patrick Pope. Quite an adventure, in which our specialist gloves made all the difference.

It has been acknowledged though that our gloves should not be used in this way, but as an extra line of defence instead.

Read the report herewith..

On Wednesday July 11, 2018 around 15hrs we were called to an recreational area directly opposite the main Solwezi town hotel, Zambia.

On this occasion 3 of Paul Lloyd’s trained ‘Snake Handlers’ arrived within minutes of each other despite all coming from different locations, and it turns out it was just as well.

We were alerted to a rather large Forest Cobra laid out on a tree branch, some 3-4meters above the ground.

We were afforded an opportunity to discuss the risky capture and multiple possible scenarios’ that might occur after initiating our action, which was essential, considering we were about to grab a +2meter Cobra from which would be directly above us in a thickly branched tree, and we would need to bring it down to a height where we could more safely handle & bag it.

Each of us equipped with Venom Defender gloves  and combination of a 1.5m tong, a 1m tong and a 55cm tong, we initiated the capture.

Whilst reaching through the branches with the tongs, the Cobra was alerted to our presents and within seconds was in ‘flight’ mode and on the move.

The tongs quickly became ineffective in that the Cobra’s head was free and it rapidly shifted from ‘flight’ to ‘fight’ mode, and now about a meter directly above us.

Control was critical to untangling its tight squeeze around branches and managing its body while trying to gain control of its head.

Then came a silent and instinctive reaction from all 3 of us, but as soon as the snake could be reached the tongs were dropped and Venom Defender Gloved hands gripped the now very angry Cobra, but which we quickly got under our control.

Zolongwe, being the tallest of us, while reaching for the snakes head was bitten on  his gloved  finger but was well protected by his Venom Defender Gloves.

Zolongwe’s experience was scary and he feels if he had not quickly removed his hand, the Cobra’s fangs would have penetrated the glove as it was chewing hard at his finger.

This was a highly risky capture of a very angry snake and certainly not an easy operation.

We would never have attempted the rescue without Venom Defender Gloves and proper snake tongs. (Successful as this story is, had it not been for the Venom Defender Gloves, it would have a very different ending).

But we were very pleased with the overall outcome and were able to release the female Forest Cobra safely into a protected forest area.

(It would most probably have been killed as is sadly the common practice in these parts, although in this case we are very encouraged that Paul Lloyd’s hard work and outreach on snakes has had the effect that got us called, rather than the traditional killing).

PHOTO: Sheldon at the head, Patrick at the tail, and Zolongwe shooting the photo.



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Disclaimer; We at Snake Professional & 1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products do NOT advise this method of handling and doing so is at the handlers own risk!

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