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Paul Lloyd shares photos of a Jackson’s Bold-eyed Tree Snake

Paul shares some fantastic photos and information about the Jackson’s Bold-eyed Tree Snake.

He writes…

Thought some of you would enjoy this. Jackson's Bold-eyed Tree Snake (Thrasops jacksonii).This is a striking and impressive looking snake; pitch black in colour (like licourice) with an unusual triangular body shape. It’s a daytime active and arboreal (tree-living) snake and an excellent climber, ascending high into trees of gallery forests, to 30m or more. If cornered, it will inflate its neck and anterior body like a Boomslang and move in a side-to-side like manner. Inflated neck is considerably smaller than the Boomslang, but impressive. (Pitman, 1974).

Much less aggressive than a Boomslang (and far less venomous), it can grow to as much as 2.3m. Its distribution is limited almost exclusively to the Northwestern corner of the North Western Province of Zambia. I have had the privilege of working with at least 6 specimens, the largest being about 2.1m. According to Dr. Don Broadley the distribution range is approximately from west of Lumwana to Ikelenge and south to Zambezi.

Although the distribution area of the snake is quite small, it appears to be quite common within those limits. It is however, a quick, nervous and shy snake and tends to remain away from human habitation.

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