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More great photos from a Wrigglies handling course

Thanks again to Wrigglies for providing this series of photographs taken during one of their handling courses.

Dave Clemens handles a Spitting Cobra (Naja nigricincta) using our Mini Hook

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Mini Hook
Marco Alexandre Marques a Forest Cobra - Naja melanoleuca

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Venom Defender Gloves
Francisco Coimbra handling a Forest Cobra (Naja melanoleuca)

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Venom Defender Gloves
Tubing a Gaboon Viper (Bitis Gabonica)

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Snake Restraining Tube set (8 pieces) 400mm Long

Disclaimer; We at Snake Professional & 1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products do NOT advise this method of handling and doing so is at the handlers own risk!

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