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Looking for Vipers in Czech Republic

We're delighted to see this video in which Matej Dolinay and Martin Ertner are using our Venom Defender Gloves in the field when looking for Vipers.

Matej undertakes fascinating expeditions and his footage is great to watch!

He writes...

We are looking for interesting snake sites throughout the Czech Republic.

This weekend we went to the viper's kingdom, Martin Ertner.

In his bachelor thesis, he studies the amount of viper's venom in correlation with the environment.

Translated from Czech

Na zmijích s Martinem Ertnerem

Hledáme zajímavé hadí lokality po celém území ČR. Tento víkend jsme zavítali do zmijího království Martina Ertnera. V rámci své bakalářské práce se zabývá studiem množství zmijího jedu v korelaci s prostředím.

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