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Helping to deal with nuisance snakes in Kenya

We were recently contacted by a lady from Kenya who asked us to provide her with snake handling equipment to catch nuisance snakes.

She explained that snakes would come close, and into, the house and that staff had difficulties in dealing with this problem.

When I asked her what staff would do to the caught snakes she mentioned that the snakes would be killed.

After explaining to her the importance of these majestic creatures to the environment (that they keep rodent numbers under control, we as a human race encroach on their habitat etc), she listened and acknowledged the intention of my explanation.

When we then received the following wonderful email from her with accompanying photographs you can guess that we were well chuffed and well proud of her!

Hi Maureen & Clem
Thought you might like to see a message from my staff.
Snake caught and still alive!
I caught and moved a Brown House Snake the other day.
As you can see it had caught a fairly large agama which it proceeded to swallow before we could move it. 
I let it go about 100m from the office so that the team wouldn’t kill it.

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