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Handling a Javan spitting Cobra baby with Venom Defender Gloves

Andy Laister visited a great team of volunteers at the Bali Rescue Centre. There he demonstrated our Venom Defender Gloves as he was entrusted to handle a Javan spitting cobra baby.

Click here to find out more about the great work Bali Reptile rescue does:

"The snake is a Javan spitting cobra baby (Naja Sputatrix). This baby is the very light form sometimes found both on Java and Bali. Most babies are a dull brown colour. At this size they don't usually spit but I was taking no chances.

This one was collected by Bali Reptile rescue who do a great job on Bali. They will collect any snake from any property on Bali. I was with them for a week in November working on a King cobra project. They are looking into doing radio tracking of up to 10 adult King cobras.  

Regards, Andy"

Text and Photos courtesy of Andy Laister

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Disclaimer; We at Snake Professional & 1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products do NOT advise this method of handling and doing so is at the handlers own risk!

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