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Early Birds - Adder has unique head

Early Birds - Adder has unique head

We are once again excited to see Dutchman Johann Prescher doing what he does best!

He writes...

"The Adder is our only native venomous snake.

The Dwingelderveld is bursting with Adders because of the enormous area of wet heather, which has expanded in recent years.

Adders are found in wet heathland and upland areas and sometimes also in open areas in forests.

And this snake is indeed poisonous, but it is not aggressive."

Check out the video here

Translated from Dutch...


De adder is onze enige inheemse gifslang.

In het Dwingelderveld barst het van de adders vanwege het enorme gedeelte natte hei, dat de laatste jaren is uitgebreid.

Adders komen voor in natte heide- en hoogveengebieden en soms ook op open plekken in bossen.

En deze slang is weliswaar giftig, maar hij is niet agressief."

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