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Amazing rescue action with the help of our Venom Defender Gloves

Amazing rescue action with the help of our Venom Defender Gloves

Eyal from Israel had just supplied his customer with our specialist gloves, when he reported back to us..

"Hi Clem
A new customer just finished 2x washing with softener... the gloves were still hanging to dry out and he got a call for a large viper that was caught by a fish hook in a warehouse.
Using the gloves he managed to cut the hook and release the snake 🐍
Read the report below and click the link to see the video;
Greetings, Eyal"

Wow, what a story do I have for you today...
What is the connection between a hatchet, a fishing hook, and a large viper?
This is a story about our national snake rescue, treatment and return to nature operation.
So a call to capture a large viper that somehow stuck a fishing hook in its lower lip.
The snake was caught and put in the box along with the fishing hook.
After consulting with inspector RTG Shay Kabasa, it was decided that together we would extract the hook through a designated catcher, and after a telephone consultation with a wildlife veterinarian, disinfection was performed, and it was decided to return the snake to nature without further medical treatment.
On this occasion I say thank you very much to Shai Kabasa inspector RTG, for the help a lot and cooperation, and thank you very much my son Idan who joined me, and helped me during this long day.
Caesarea, 25.3.23
Have you ever seen a snake? Call 054-6812330, available 24/7

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