Meet Sterrin - Snake Woman Extraordinaire

Mar 30, 2016
by Snake Professional

We are proud to present to you a special lady who is well at ease with the bigger venomous snake variety. She is the other (better) half of the Dynamic Dutch Duo that is Sterrin & Romilly.

Handling a Mangrove Snake with Venom Defender Gloves

Mar 1, 2016
by Snake Professional

A regular contributor of superb features is Andy Laister. He recently send us these photos of himself handling a Mangrove snake.

Handling a deadly venomous krait Bungarus flaviceps

Feb 26, 2016
by Snake Professional

We are thrilled to have received these great photos from Tomáš Bublík of him handling a deadly venomous krait Bungarus flaviceps using our Venom Defender Gloves.

Handling a Javan spitting Cobra baby with Venom Defender Gloves

Feb 16, 2016
by Snake Professional

Andy Laister visited a great team of volunteers at the Bali Rescue Centre. There he demonstrated our Venom Defender Gloves as he was entrusted to handle a Javan spitting cobra baby.

Paul Lloyd shares photos of his son handling Cobras

Feb 9, 2016
by Snake Professional

We are delighted to have received photos from Paul L Lloyd showing the results of him teaching his son how to handle Cobras. It’s great to see our Venom Defender Gloves helping to improve safety during such handling.

Siouxsie and Simon on NatGeoWild using Venom Defender Gloves and our Snake Handling Equipment

Feb 5, 2016
by Snake Professional

Siouxsie and her partner Simon Keys who currently have a TV series are being aired in USA on NatGeoWild called ‘Snake City’. The new series will be aired in the UK on Monday 8th of February on Nat Geo Wild!

Using gloves & snake tongs with venomous and non-venomous species

Nov 9, 2015
by Snake Professional

We are happy to have received some exciting feedback from Nikita Bedov in Spain.

Out in the field he is showing us how he uses our M1 Snake Tong to safely manipulate a blunt-nosed viper (Macrovipera lebetina).

Handling the elusive Vine Snake with Venom Defender Gloves

Nov 6, 2015
by Snake Professional

We are absolutely delighted to present to you an incredible article from Paul L Lloyd about the elusive Vine Snake (Thelotornis kirtlandi).

Bryan Grieg Fry catches Golden Lancehead Viper during field trip

Oct 19, 2015
by Snake Professional

Bryan Grieg Fry sent us this amazing shot of himself handling a Golden lancehead (Bothrops insularis). He is wearing Venom Defender Gloves for extra protection.

This extra safety can make that crucial difference, especially during field trips when medical help can often be far away.

Year of the Adder

Oct 16, 2015
by Snake Professional

Johann Prescher has kindly sent us these few fantastic photographs of the Adder excursion he recently presented in the Drentse Hoogveen.