Date added: Sep 1, 2015 Andy Laister on Snake Patrol in Bojonggede

We are well impressed with the photographs and video Andy Laister has sent us from Indonesia. Andy is closely associated with the Ciliwung Reptile Center, which you can find here;

He writes as follows;

"Yesterday we did a snake patrol in Bintaro, South Tangerang, and found a juvenille malayan pit viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma).

Here you can see a short video clip, titled; ‘Snake Patrol #7 - Bintaro (English Version)’

Plus these 2 great photographs:

With special thanks to the Ciliwong Institute, Billy Hongo, 345 Point and some amazing camera work by Nathan Rusli."

Well done guys!

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Date added: Aug 25, 2015 Game Of Cobras

We are grateful to Romilly Van den bergh  and his partner Sterrin Smalbrugge for sharing a few exciting photographs of their recent photo-shoot. Both are wearing Venom Defender Gloves and holding a King Cobra.

Romily has extensive experience with keeping venomous snakes and can be found on Facebook;

He writes the following about our Venom Defender Gloves and Leg Guards;

"At Game of Cobras we often don't use gloves when working with Kings, except with smaller Kings like June or when we are working with multiple Kings at the same time.

When we use gloves we always use hexarmor 3180 R8E since they have proven themselves time and time again.

We believe you should never try to save money on something that can save your life.

The Venom Defender Leg Guards are useful as well when working with Kings that aim for your legs, like Fang.

Regards, Romily & Sterrin"

Photographer: Michiel Meesters

For more info, check out:

Game of Cobras

Sterrin’s Wild World

Disclaimer; We at Snake Professional & 1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products do NOT advise this method of handling and doing so is at the handlers own risk!

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Date added: Aug 18, 2015 Paul L. Lloyd handling a Black Mamba

Another of our regular contributors of incredible photographs and educative information is Paul L Lloyd. In this feature he is handling a Black Mamba with our Venom Defender Gloves and M1 40” Snake Handling Tong. He writes as follows...

Hi Clem & Maureen,
Recently I captured a Black Mamba (2.3m). I was ecstatic as it’s the first one I’ve captured in about 15 years.
Took some great photos the morning before I released it.
I have written an article for you (from a slightly different perspective) as well as photographs and a short video
Kind Regards,
Paul L. Lloyd


Black Mamba

The Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis). A snake that strikes fear into people all over Africa just on hearing the name. This is a snake to which people attach mysticism, superstition, magical powers and even the ability to morph itself into something else but alas, no scientific evidence has been produced to support these beliefs. Even foreign snake handlers and experts are wary of the Black Mamba and rightly so. However, the other side of the coin is this; due to misplaced beliefs and superstitions, the Black Mamba has been given a worse “rap” than it deserves with facts falling by the wayside. Things have been made worse TV documentaries exaggerating things for dramatic effect. Here are a couple of facts about this most impressive of serpents, some of which also apply to other snakes:

1. A potentially dangerous and somewhat unpredictable snake.

2. Aggressive and will bite at the slightest provocation but seldom without provocation.

3. There are only 4 conditions under which a black mamba will attack or chase a human being:

  1. Mating season. Most animals tend to be more aggressive during mating season. This starts in October and ends around the middle of December, during which time males will actively seek a mate, engaging in combat with each other and females are releasing pheromones.
  2. When a perceived threat comes between the snake and its lair.
  3. When its lair is under physical attack; i.e. the destruction of anthills for building materials and felling of trees.
  4. When the snake perceives that it is cornered with no means of escape (it will fight).

4. Any other living thing that is larger than the snake and which happens to venture too close to the snake will be perceived as a threat and it will defend itself. First response to threat is to escape or remain undetected.

5.Snakes want only two things; food and shelter. They are primitive animals and live purely by instinct. Having said that, in comparison to other snakes, cobras and mambas show more “intelligence” but it is “responsive” intelligence (meaning, they will figure a way out of a situation or return to a place previously frequented based on instinct). They cannot just think up ideas.

6. Mambas and cobras are territorial. What this means is they will take up residence in an anthill, hollow tree or a rock outcrop and as long as there is enough food, will remain there sometimes for years, seldom venturing more than 2km from the lair to hunt. The territory is not “defended” throughout the ± area, this is simply an area within which the snake moves and hunts. It will only defend its lair when perceived threats get too close.

7. “Rule of thumb” when releasing a mamba away from its normal “territory” is to take it more than 5km from the place of origin. It cannot find its way back at that distance if it is released in a place that has enough potential lairs and there is enough food sources.


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Date added: Aug 4, 2015 Snake Handling at A & L Exotics

We are delighted to have received a series of photographs from Andy Martin, who is using a range of our products for handling a number of venomous snake species.

Andy runs a reptile shop, which we are confident you will like. If you have any requirements for venomous snake species or need advise, then feel free to contact him directly.

Andy Martin
A & L Exotics
Tel; 07500 777829

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Saw Scaled Viper
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Monacled Cobra

Monocled Cobra
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Monacled Cobra 2

Monocled Cobra
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White Lipped Viper

White Lipped Viper
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Albino Monacled Cobra

Albino Monocled Cobra
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Spectacled Cobra

Spectacled Cobra
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Monacled Cobra 3

Monocled Cobra
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Date added: Aug 3, 2015 Photoshoot with a Malaysian & Indonesian King Cobra

We are impressed to see Gert-Jan Klootwijk and his partner Esemeralda featuring in this photoshoot. Both are wearing Venom Defender Gloves. Esemeralda is holding a Malaysian King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah), and Gert Jan an Indonesian King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah).

Photographer: Michiel Meesters

Gert-Jan has presented us with a testimonial, which we are happy to share with our followers:

"Dear Clem, herewith I would like to thank you for your exceptional products.

I have been working with venomous snakes for a number of years, and since 2 years I am using your flagship safety product; Venom Defender Gloves.

As I have been using the gloves on many occasions I have benefitted from the advantages this product has given me, and I must admit that they provide exceptional protection.

Besides myself, many of the private keepers around me really appreciate your products.

To my personal knowledge there are dozens of times whereby the Venom Defender Gloves have offered successful protection during moments when it really mattered, as has been the case in my own experience.

As you can see on the attached photographs they are often used for handling Ophiophagus hannah, the only disadvantage being that the gloves give less ‘feeling’ when handling.

However, the extra line of defence which the gloves offer make these very much worthwhile.

Since one year my girlfriend also works regularly with a variety of venomous snake species and the gloves give her too that extra level of protection when handling these.

Myself and my circle of friends are very happy with your product and we hope to enjoy using them for many years to come.

Keep up the good work my friend Regards, Gert-jan en Esmeralda"

Original - in Dutch:

"Beste Clem, hierbij wil ik je bedanken voor je top producten.

Ik werk al een aantal jaren met gigslangen en sinds twee jaar maak ik gebruik van je product, namelijk de Venom defenders.

Ik heb door het vele gebruik van de gloves de voordelen mogen ervaren, en ik moet toegeven dat ze prima functioneren.

Niet alleen ik, maar ook vele hobbyisten om mij heen waarderen jouw producten.

Er zijn mij een tiental gevallen bekend waarin Venomgloves met succes bescherming hebben geboden op het moment dat het ook echt nodig was, waaronder ook bij mij zelf.

Zoals je ziet op de meegezonden foto's worden ze ook met regelmaat gebruikt voor het hanteren van Ophiophagus hannah, het nadeel vind ik van de gloves dat je wat minder gevoel hebt met het hanteren, maar de extra veiligheid die de gloves bieden vind ik dat zeker waard.

Sinds een jaar werkt ook mijn vriendin met regelmaat met verschillende soorten gifslangen en bieden de gloves uiteraard een goede bescherming tijdens het hanteren.

Ik en vele vrienden om mij heen zijn zeer te spreken over jouw product en we hopen er nog vele jaren gebruik van te maken."


Disclaimer: We at Snake Professional & 1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products do NOT advise this method of handling and doing so is at the handlers own risk!


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Date added: Jul 30, 2015 Handling a Puff Adder,Spitting Cobra, Forest Cobra and Gila Monster at Wrigglies

More great pics from a recent Wrigglies DWA course.

For information about their courses, visit:

Adam Smith & Julian Clare handling a Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum)
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Adam Smith & Julian Clare handling a red spitting cobra (Naja pallida)
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Adam Smith handling a Puff Adder Bitis arietans
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Adam Smith & Julian Clare handling a forest cobra (Naja melanoleuca)
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Date added: Jul 28, 2015 Venom Defender Gloves used to safely handle Dusky Pygmy Ratlesnake

We are proud to have received this lovely letter from Brian Katz. He once again finds himself in a situation where his Venom Defender Gloves offer that extra protection...

Dusky Pygmy Ratlesnake
Greetings Clem and Maureen, I hope that all is well.  

I am sending you a few new photos today of a dusky pygmy rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius barbouri) that was purchased at the Hamburg Reptile Show.  

I used the Venom Defender gloves to safely handle and photograph this snake.

You can view the Hamburg Reptile Show website at  

They have a photo gallery on their site that features photos taken exclusively by me.

Brian Katz

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Date added: Jul 20, 2015 Johann Prescher - Adder Conservation Article

Left: Common Adder - Credit: Corrie Post
Right: Vipera aspis - Credit: Ron Krol

We are excited to present you with an article written by Adder Researcher Johann Prescher in one of Holland’s news-papers. You can download the original article as a PDF and we have featured a translation below:

Download: Newsletter feature from the Netherlands: "Dagblad van het Noorden"

Report – Adder Researcher

If there are any Adders in a particular area, then Johann Prescher will find them. The experienced gentleman from Steenwijk searches for these venomous snakes for nature organisations and research agencies in the Northern part of the Netherlands. In his quest to find Adders he often traverses an area called ‘Leggelderveld’ in the province of Drenthe

‘I always wear Gloves, I do not take any risk’. ‘Not even the King Cobra can bite through these’.


This snake-man is not your normal naturist. Johann Prescher (28) was a professional in the Dutch army for 5 years. He started out as a driver on an armoured vehicle called the Fennek. Later he became a shooter, and then a combat life saver (CLS). After 5 years he had had enough.

‘I thought, is this really something I want to do? I wanted to do something else with my life. And I decided to start studying again’.

The reptile expert signed up for ‘Wildlife Management’ at the Van Hall Larenstein Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. He hopes to graduate by completing a research project on bats in the province of Friesland.

‘For that I will, in the near future, be climbing all church-towers in Friesland’.

For some years he has accumulated data for the ‘Bats Working Group Groningen’. But at present we are not here to find bats.

2 years ago, as a volunteer, Prescher adopted ‘het Leggelderveld’, a heathland of 300 hectare to the south of ‘Hoogersmilde’. He keeps meticulous records of the Adder population for the area owner Natuurmonumenten and for the Working Group Adder Research Netherlands. Every year he traverses the area a number of times and takes photographs of the Adders he encounters. nBut before we start out he puts on his special snake gloves.

‘These are strengthened with Kevlar’. ‘Even the King Cobra cannot bite through these. I always wear them when I conduct my research. I do not take any risk, he confides in us’. ‘I have been searching for Adders since I was ten years old. I got bitten when I was fourteen. And I ended up in hospital. After my second bite my parents forbid me to go to the heath’, he tells me as we stroll through ‘het Leggelderveld’.

It’s only around 8 degrees Celsius (46f), so most snakes won’t be showing themselves. But the researcher does not give up easily. Suddenly he bends over and points to a few pipestraws amidst heath. There we see a beautiful adult Adder. Carefully he picks up this animal.

‘It is an adult female. Look how she flicks her tongue. She actually tastes the scent of her environment’.He takes photographs of the snake, especially of the head, and then writes the specifics in his note-pad. ‘Every Adder has a unique pattern head-scales, this enables us to recognize each individual snake. It’s like a finger print’.And the Adder is being released again.

Besides a dead specimen, and a shed snake-skin, the search does not offer much more. ‘Its too cold. Normally I will find at least a dozen Adders’, Prescher says.

Further Information:

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Date added: Jul 14, 2015 Handling a 7 meter Reticulated Python!

We are proud and super impressed with Karsten, Steffen and the rest of their team for handling this HUGE Reticulated Python.

This stunning snake is a 20 year old Sulawesi female (captive breed NO WC), measures 7.1m (21.5ft) and weighs in at approximately 160 kg (just over 25 stone)!

Visitors can admire this beauty at Karsten’s Snake Farm. Follow the links below for more info:

P.s. ‘Open Day’ at the Farm on Saturday 12th of September, so if you are in Hamm that day you should make a visit to be blown away!!

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Date added: Jun 9, 2015 Competition Winner David Nijenhuis on his new Venom Defender Gloves


"I love the gloves especially with routine work like cleaning the waterbowls. And also as extra safety with tailing. The gloves save me a lot of time with cleaning the baby snakes because they can stay in their enclosure while I grab the waterbowls for a rinse. I'm very happy with them!"

In these pictures David sent in you can see:

  • Saharan horned viper (Cerastes cerastes)
  • Cape coral snake (Aspidelaps lubricus)
  • Chinese Cobra (Naja atra)