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Date added: 26/05/2014 Karsten Wöllner handling Pythons at FilaRetic - Germany

Karsten has been handling his Reticulated Pythons and Burmese Pythons with our Venom Defender Gloves.

Not only does he and his team enjoy the ideal combination of protection and dexterity, but he has reported back to us that his work-time has been drastically reduced.

Before he started using our gloves he would have to take a lot of time preparing to go in and restrain huge Reticulated Pythons which could measure up to 20ft (7 meters)!

Since wearing our gloves he can go in and get straight to work – as he has a lot more confidence due to the fact that he is safe from injuries. He estimated that he has been able to cut his time by half!

For more information, please visit: www.filaretic.com

Here Karsten handles a WC Mocha female:

Here Karsten handles an adult WC burm male:

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Date added: 26/05/2014 Harold van der Ploeg is featured on Dutch School TV called ‘Nieuws? Uit de natuur’

Harold demonstrates the milking of a saw-scaled viper. He asks one of the 2 presenters to wear a Venom Defender Glove when he assists Harold.

Harold himself uses a Mini Hook, Slanted 16” Tweezers and our Snake Restraining Tubes.

Check out the TV show footage

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Date added: 23/05/2014 Michael O. Jørgensen of Biozoo Information in Denmark handles a small Crocodilian with Venom Defender Gloves

Here a Caiman is handled safely with Venom Defender Gloves, during a demonstration by Bio / Zoo Information.

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Date added: 23/05/2014 Michael O. Jørgensen of Biozoo Information in Denmark handles Heloderma with Venom Defender Gloves

Venom Defender Gloves are demonstrated as an extra line of defence during safety handling courses organised by Bio / Zoo Information.

Here a photograph shows a Helodema being handled safely with Venom Defender Gloves at ‘Terrarium Vissenbjerg, Int. Reptile Zoo’

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Date added: 22/05/2014 Johann Prescher on Adder research in The Netherlands

Hi, my name is Johann Prescher. I life in the Netherlands where I perform a bachelor study in wildlife management.

Since 2013 I perform a research on the common adder (Vipera berus) in the Netherlands. In cooperation with nature conservationists I gather information about this species life history, ecology and abundance in one area.

I capture them and plot their location with a GPS, also writing down some details on the weather, vegetation etc. By making photos of the head scales, it is possible to recognize individuals by making a formula from the different series of these scales.

This year I already recognized a few specimens from past year. So what do I get to know from all this information? Hibernation areas in the terrain, vegetation preferences, distribution of the species, demographic factors and over a longer time it is possible to estimate age for instance.

You get to know if a population does well, there are many small populations due to barriers in the landscape, this can cause inbreeding depressions for instance and populations get more sensitive for bottleneck factors. 

All this information is useful to the terrain manager for implementing measures to conserve certain landscape characteristics and conserve rare species. With this information this can be done without harming the adder population since the adder is a key species for certain habitat types and an indicator for proper nature management measures.

During my research I use Venom Defender Gloves which I bought at www.snakeprofessional.com.

Since the adder is a potentially dangerous snake and caused deaths in the past, these hand gloves are important for protecting me from bites. Since I bought them, not one of the more then hundreds of bites punctured the glove.

It gives me the confidence I need during my data collection in the field. Also these gloves give a better feeling handling the snake, thinking about animal welfare.

Earlier, welding gloves were used, whereby you cannot feel any detail on the snakes body or how tight to handle the snake (which was potentially harmful for the snake).

I recommend Venom Defender Gloves to others and I recommend SnakeProfessional as a quick and reliable supplier.

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Date added: 16/12/2013 Wrigglies Juniors Handling Club

‘Start as you mean to go on’ (youngster gets the hang of handling snakes with Venom Defender Gloves).

Wrigglies Junior Snake Handling

This young lad’s name is Bradley woolner and he is a regular visitor to wrigglies in Dunstable.

He is very active in reptiles, particularly in venomous snakes and would dearly love to do their full venomous course. 

However as this is probably a few years off Julian Clare has been showing him a few techniques involving non-venomous/non licensed species. 

This has led to them creating wrigglies 'juniors' club where younger keepers can come and learn how to handle their pets and other animals safety whilst learning a few techniques which they can use as their hobby advances into keeping more demanding species. 

Wrigglies Junior Snake Handling

We look forward to seeing more from the Wrigglies ‘Juniors’ club, and in particular from young Bradley.

Wrigglies, keep up the good work!

Date added: 16/12/2013 Handling Blue Eyed Baja Rattlesnakes with Venom Defender Gloves

We would like to thank Graeme Skinner for sending us this beautiful picture of himself handling a Blue Eyed Baja Rattlesnake.

* Please note: Venom Defender Gloves are highly puncture resistant – not puncture proof.

Handling a Blue Eyed Baja Rattlesnake


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Date added: 13/12/2013 Rare footage of adder research in Holland

Film maker Jasper van Leeningen has recorded some very interesting video footage of Dutch Adder researchers Harold van der Ploeg and Rolf van Leeningen in the field. We are provided with an insight into their work and are treated to a unique perspective.

Check out the video below:


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Date added: 28/10/2013 Handling a Reticulated Python using Venom Defender Gloves

Steffen Wiegandt from Germany has been using our ‘R8E 3180 Venom Defender Gloves’ to ensure maximum protection when handling Reticulated Pythons (Python reticulatus) in his collection. 

As well as providing protection against the puncture of the bites, the Venom Defender Snake Gloves also protect against the incredible pressure exerted during a bite from a snake like this.

Steffen sent us these great pictures below:

Handling a Reticulated Python

Handling a Reticulated Python

Handling a Reticulated Python

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Date added: 28/10/2013 Handling A Gaboon Viper using our specialised Snake Hooks

James Hennessey from Reptile Village in Ireland has sent us this amazing photo of him using our Python Hook to handle his stunning Gaboon Viper. 

For more information, visit: www.reptilevillage.net

Handling a Gaboon Viper


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