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Date added: 16/12/2013 Wrigglies Juniors Handling Club

‘Start as you mean to go on’ (youngster gets the hang of handling snakes with Venom Defender Gloves).

Wrigglies Junior Snake Handling

This young lad’s name is Bradley woolner and he is a regular visitor to wrigglies in Dunstable.

He is very active in reptiles, particularly in venomous snakes and would dearly love to do their full venomous course. 

However as this is probably a few years off Julian Clare has been showing him a few techniques involving non-venomous/non licensed species. 

This has led to them creating wrigglies 'juniors' club where younger keepers can come and learn how to handle their pets and other animals safety whilst learning a few techniques which they can use as their hobby advances into keeping more demanding species. 

Wrigglies Junior Snake Handling

We look forward to seeing more from the Wrigglies ‘Juniors’ club, and in particular from young Bradley.

Wrigglies, keep up the good work!

Date added: 16/12/2013 Handling Blue Eyed Baja Rattlesnakes with Venom Defender Gloves

We would like to thank Graeme Skinner for sending us this beautiful picture of himself handling a Blue Eyed Baja Rattlesnake.

* Please note: Venom Defender Gloves are highly puncture resistant – not puncture proof.

Handling a Blue Eyed Baja Rattlesnake


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Date added: 13/12/2013 Rare footage of adder research in Holland

Film maker Jasper van Leeningen has recorded some very interesting video footage of Dutch Adder researchers Harold van der Ploeg and Rolf van Leeningen in the field. We are provided with an insight into their work and are treated to a unique perspective.

Check out the video below:


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Date added: 28/10/2013 Handling a Reticulated Python using Venom Defender Gloves

Steffen Wiegandt from Germany has been using our ‘R8E 3180 Venom Defender Gloves’ to ensure maximum protection when handling Reticulated Pythons (Python reticulatus) in his collection. 

As well as providing protection against the puncture of the bites, the Venom Defender Snake Gloves also protect against the incredible pressure exerted during a bite from a snake like this.

Steffen sent us these great pictures below:

Handling a Reticulated Python

Handling a Reticulated Python

Handling a Reticulated Python

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Date added: 28/10/2013 Handling A Gaboon Viper using our specialised Snake Hooks

James Hennessey from Reptile Village in Ireland has sent us this amazing photo of him using our Python Hook to handle his stunning Gaboon Viper. 

For more information, visit: www.reptilevillage.net

Handling a Gaboon Viper


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Date added: 24/10/2013 Mini Pinner & Hook Combo tool

Thanks to Paul Dunn from the UK for sending these photos . He is seen here using our latest ‘Mini Pinner & Hook Combo’ tool to safely handle the following venomous snake species: 

Rough scaled death adder (Acanthophis rugosus)

Paul Dunn handlles a Rough Scaled Death Adder

Inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus)

Paul Dunn handles an Inland Taipan

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For more information about this brand new product, please contact us.

Date added: 23/10/2013 Adder Research in The Netherlands

Johann Jr Prescher from The Netherlands is seen here wearing ‘R8E 3180 Venom Defender Gloves’ during his Adder research in Drents-Friese Wold, The Netherlands.

‘Veldweek or fieldweek’ is  one week during the module of Johann’s study of wildlife management during which he conducts population research of the common adder. During this Field-week he found a few moments to search for the common adder, and gave his fellow students some information about this species. 

Using the ‘R8E 3180 Venom Defender Gloves’, Johann can pick the Adders up carefully and safely, without stress to the snake and allowing him to count the head-scales in order to identify them.

Adder Research

Adder Research

Adder Research

Adder Research

Products involved:

Date added: 17/10/2013 Assist feeding a Uracoan Rattlesnake

Dave Clemens of Luton Reptile Rescue kindly sent us these photos of him pinning this very small Uracoan rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus vegrandis) and assist feeding her a section of mouse tail.

Assist feeding a Uracoan Rattlesnake

Assist feeding a Uracoan Rattlesnake

The ‘R8E 3180 Venom Defender Gloves’ enable Dave to conduct this intricate procedure in a safe and secure manner, ensuring the snake is not hurt and keeping stress levels to a minimum.

For more information about Luton Reptile Rescue, please visit: http://lutonreptilerescue.webs.com/

Date added: 16/10/2013 Brian Katz Handling a Western Cottonmouth

Thanks to Brian Katz for sending us these great pictures. He is seen here handling a young Western Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus) using the ‘R8E 3180 Venom Defender Snake Gloves’ in southern Illinois, USA.

Brian Katz handling a Western Cottonmouth

Brian Katz handling a Western Cottonmouth

Brian Katz handling a Western Cottonmouth

Brian Katz handling a Western Cottonmouth

Brian Katz handling a Western Cottonmouth

Brian Katz handling a Western Cottonmouth

The ‘R8E 3180 Venom Defender Snake Gloves’ ensure Brian has the ultimate protection whilst retaining superb dexterity to control the snake without hurting or causing any damage to the snake.

Date added: 04/10/2013 Project Chicchan

Snake Professional is proud to have equipped Rowland Griffin of Project Chicchan and his team of volunteers with Hooks, Tongs, Restraining Tubes, Probe Sets and Venom Defender Gloves. 

The aim of Project Chicchan is to conduct herpetological research in regions of the tropics where little or no research has been carried out. The research is funded by volunteer contributions who participate on the expeditions where they receive training and experience. 

In June of this year they embarked on an expedition to the El Petén region of northern Guatemala where they were investigating the effects of agricultural edges that border the Laguna del Tigre National Park. They have kindly provided us with some footage and visuals of our products in action. 

Special thanks to Barbara Réthoré & Julien Chapuis from the non-profit organisation "Conserv-Action" for providing the video footage below.. Please take time to visit their website: www.conserv-action.com




Photo Credit:  Barbara Réthoré & Julien Chapuis from Conserv-Action.

New expeditions dates: 


30th Nov – 13th Dec 2013 & 17th Dec – 30th Dec 2013 

If you are interested to join, please read the PDF below:

Project Chicchan 2013 Expedition Dates


31st May - 13th June & 1th7 June - 30th June 2014 

For further details visit: www.project-chicchan.co.uk 

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